Friday, December 08, 2006

Walker Sculpture Garden

I have to credit this person's nice photo of the Cowles Conservatory. I had to go and smell the gorgeous humid dirt smell. Usually I go the night I go to the British Advertising Awards but they close alot earlier (those bastards!) So I parked near and walked through the conservatory on my way to get my weekly allergy shot. It was heavenly. Then I wandered around the sculpture garden. It's a treasure trove of memories. I was there with my MCAD film class and we were shooting the newly installed sculpture garden.

My sister and I did a silly film that involved the Spoon Bridge and Cherry. Again, not my photo. I have walked through the garden winter and summer. One hot summer night, I was there on a sculpture that is like a big swing. My date and I sat on it and talked and laughed and swang and swung. Life seemed pretty perfect at that point.
I walked across the bridge to Loring Park. I've helped with ice cream trucks and carts and have even sold my art there last summer. I was a featured artist! I don't know if it helped. It was nice. It was warm (30˚) only in Minnesota is 30˚ warm. Nicollet Mall was festive and lit up and the sounds of street muscians and Salvation Army Bell ringers filled the air. I'll try to get into to see Mary Poppins at the now Macy's. The line was too long.

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