Monday, January 11, 2010

Water Towers

Everyone who knows me, understands (or pretends really well) that I hate HATE the Woodbury, MN logo on the side of their water tower. There aren't many pictures of it (what a shock) How do I hate it? Let me count thy ways:

The "W" looks like a few strips of masking tap and it's too big.
The spacing of the "O"s does make you want to say "woo."
The "db" thing then gets the letters closer but doesn't match the "woo."
The "U" is too big. And dumb. And made again with masking tape.
Then to finally insult you - the "R and Y" are touching. Why?

What is the deal - why is every letter it's own size and spacing? It was sweet to let a small child design and paint the water tower. I'm glad they didn't waste good money on a real logo designer. I guess Landor was too busy working on the old Fortis logo. (Don't get me started on that or even this)

It was this page I stumbled upon reminded me of my own evil water tower. At least I am not alone!