Friday, June 25, 2010


In my dreams last night, I was in NYC. I stumbled into some office and met this really fun girl. I told her about my band, we watched a few of the videos and she was so impressed, she added a link to Scary Numan on her company's cool web site. Later in the dream, I'm at a new job, here in MN. I walk out into the messy hallway to find the bathroom. There's an open door in the hallway that leads to an apartment that's decorated really fun. The girl waves me in. She shows off her Kobe Bryant/Gary Coleman special edition Mac. (What?) She's doodling around and shows me the company she works for and I see the Scary Numan link on her company web page. I realize it's the fun girl from NYC. I found her again! She introduces me to her friends, some of whom I met in NYC and I'm so excited. She lives here. She lives in the hallway of my boring job where it takes weeks to get paid because it's a Canadian company. I found her again, I found my old new fun friend. I woke up happy because I had found a kindred spirit but who is she? There's no hallway to another apartment at my job. I know, we dream in metaphors. I'm happy I have a new friend, but I'm sad because I don't know who or where she is.

In my dreams the next night, I find the fun girl again and she's talking about friends I have, both here and gone. I woke up missing the fun girl and some of my long gone friends.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Teacher's Answer Key

I realized in grammar school if I needed the answer to a question, I'd go up to the teacher's desk and wait in line. If the teacher's answer key was open, I could sneak a look, go back to my desk and write in the correct answer. The questions back then were easy and there was only one answer. 2+2=4 I hated if you had to ask the teacher or have to reason it out. I just wanted the answer, no talking and a quick getaway.

Why isn't there a teacher's answer key around now? Is it that there are multiple answers? I want to know if I knew someone in a past life, if the doctor will cure me of my aches and pains, if I'll be successful. The Magic 8 ball doesn't do much good either. I want the real answer, the one true answer. I want an A. I want to know. Don't make me wait in line, don't make me talk to the teacher, just have the damn book open so I can take a look and sneak back to my desk.

Better yet, sell me the book so I can look up the answers when I can't sleep, when I'm pondering these questions. Name the price.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Greatest cover band triple bill this Saturday in St Paul!

Scary Numan is on a mission to take your favourite 80's songs and make them new. Listen to mash-ups, rev-ups, and amped-up versions of dance songs you will fall in love with all over again. Check out their music videos :

Surly Jones separates themselves from other "cover bands" by stepping out of the template of being a modern-day jukebox. They take bands and songs from the greatest decade in music and interpret them in their own fun, fantastic, animated way. Check out their songs:

Red on Red, the Twin Cities best "Rockternative" band, paying tribute to alternative hits of the 80’s, 90’s, and today (with a few tasty extras we can’t resist). So put on something red and get ready to dance. Red on Red is turning the scene upside down. Check out their songs:

The show is from 9:15 pm - 1:30 am, there's a $6 cover charge.

At O’Gara’s O'Gara's Bar & Grill
164 Snelling Avenue North St. Paul, MN

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sunny days

I used to keep a diary and grade the days. If your clothes and hair looked good and the cute boy you had a crush on noticed you, A+ day. If you got a bad grade, looked dumb you F. I hadn’t thought about that in a while but this week, I had quite a string of A+ days. I thought a picture of a playground in the sun would convey a great day.

Thursday May 20th, my band, Scary Numan played at the 400. It was hot in the bar and not much of a crowd. What was cool was the band that played before us, Bug Girl from Australia. It’s just a brother and sister but they kick ass. Hear for yourself. So they stayed to hear our show and the song, Jessie’s Girl, comes on and they go nuts for their fellow Aussie. They were the most fun fans we ever had dancing and really getting into the music. I wore one of their t-shirts on stage when I sang.

Saturday May 22, Craig and I went exploring. We’d been to the old Cedar Bridge in Long Meadow park from old Shakopee Road side and wondered if you could get to the other side. We found some cool back roads, some abandoned stuff and finally after a few hours of walking, driving through the mud and almost off the road we found the abandoned road. It was grown over but really cool. I kept joking that we we’re going to find a secret Italian restaurant down one of the roads. We got covered in ticks during our travels and kept finding them while eating at Luci (all that talk about Italian food) It was an A+ day of fun, adventure and ticks.

I wrote about the bike car and it arrived on Wednesday May 26th. It was like opening a huge birthday present. I hopped and skipped around the office waiting for the work day to be done. It was a short bus day for Craig (because he has Rowan) and they came by. After they took a solo trek to DQ, Craig, James, Rowan and I “drove “ the bike to her softball game. It was Rowan’s turn to bring treats and Big Bell offered to donated a cooler full of ice cream. The cooler, the softball equipment was all strapped to the bike. We looked like the Joads.

The stares and comments from the people on the sidelines are worth the price of the bike, “What IS that, where did you get it?” Craig’s girlfriend, Kirsten took Rowan’s place on the way home. Both times I sat in back waving like a parade queen. I haven’t laughed that hard in long time.