Tuesday, August 31, 2010

State Fair Day 7

Chocolate Malt

M is for malt. Do you get it inside the Dairy building or outside the Cattle Barn. This is actually a picture of a Kiwanis Malt by the Fine Arts building. M is also for Milk. As in all the Milk you can drink. Back in the olden days, they'd pay you to drink the milk. Ha!

N is for Nitro Ice Cream. Love the neon but no thanks.

State Fair Day 6

K is for Key Lime Pie on a Stick. Had one long ago, not that great. It is local.

L is for Leinie Lodge. We saw some great music last year at the Leinie Lodge. The singer on stage was enjoying a Leinie's "ice tea" at 11 am. So I got James and I one. An "ice tea" for us at 11 am. Ha!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

State Fair Day 5

I is for Icee. Never had one, but I like the design.

J is for John Deere Home Made Ice Cream. It looks and sounds cute, never had it.

State Fair Day 4

Root beer barrel, Minnesota State Fair

G is for German Root beer. If you google German Root beer it says most Germans hate root beer. Go figure

H is for Hot Dog. Not one of my favorite fair foods, I could get one at the store, so I don't really care.

State Fair Day 3

E is for Egg Coffee. Yes, egg coffee. I will sit at the counter and drink cup after cup of this stunning coffee. I know how to make it I just never do.

World's Greatest Fries sign, MN State Fair F is French Fries. I don't get it why some folks need Fair french fries. The stand is always crazy. This is the world's greatest sign.

F is also for Fudge Puppies. The Caramel Apple Puppies with apple baked in and covered with caramel is supposed to be pretty good.

Friday, August 27, 2010

State Fair Day 2

Cheese curds

Corn dog

C is for corn and cheese. Which there is a ton at the fair. And now about the food! Zing! Corn dogs, roasted corn, popped corn, kettle corn. Cheese curds, cheese on a stick, bad cheese pizza (James' fave)

D is Dole Whip. WCCO News anchor, Amelia Santaniello raves about them. I've never had one. Maybe this year.

State Fair Day 1

I had an idea of doing a MN State Fair alphabet of fair foods. The collective unconscious (or the fair itself) beat me to it. I'm still gonna do it.

A - Apple. I love that you can get a fresh apple in the Agriculture Horticulture building west hall.

B - Bacon. There's this gorgeous chocolate bacon from Famous Daves and the Big Fat maple bacon. I hear there's even more bacon foods. Yum!