Saturday, May 08, 2010

Toy cars

My grandma had one of these toy firetrucks in her retro knotty pine basement for us grand kids to play on. It was fun. The ladders came off, the bell rang and we had tons of space to ride this thing around. You could try to go to the scarier part of the basement, past the old furnace (with real flames) to the boiler area where the light was never on. Oooooooohhh. It was fun being the oldest and riding it first but what stung was when I got too big to fit in it and watched my younger cousins having the time of their lives in a toy I couldn't fit in anymore.

At some point, my sister and got our hands on an FAO Schwartz catalog with this toy sulky cart featured. I know it was really expensive. I think for a few weeks we attempted to save our allowance but then calculated the cost by our meager .25 allowance. It would be years. I had a bike but this was toy and bike. It looked like tons more fun.

Later, My sister and I devised a plan where we'd get our parents to buy us a toy baby carriage and something like Calvin and Hobbes we'd push each other around in it. Did we think this plan out? No, we got the baby carriage, tried riding in it and it tipped over. Shit!

I've fallen in love with too many men who have owned motorcycles. I've been looking for a motorcycle to purchase but with no luck. Besides, I'd be riding bitch and I'm too lazy to learn how to ride a motorcycle myself. But I still wanted a toy to ride around on.

A friend emailed a Craigslist posting for this four person Rhoades bike and I had to have it. HAD TO. Was it my too small firetruck, my never acquired sulky, a toy I could drive? I have no idea. But it looked so fun and your friends would be riding along next to you. I found this exact model in Albuquerque and bought it and I'm having it shipped. I hope it arrives soon. Which lucky friends will ride first? Do I have a contest? Make them sing me a song?

Actually, just sit next to me and let's go for ride, this toy has been a long time coming.