Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A quiz to figure out your Dork Quotient...

A dork is:
1. Slang A stupid, inept, or foolish person
2. Vulgar Slang - The penis.

What is your dork quotient...

1. Are you slow at getting jokes?
a) Nah, I usually get 'em right away.
b) Most of the time. No one will explain them to me anymore.
c) Actually, I don't think most jokes are very funny.

2. When you do get them, do you laugh strangely?
a) No.
b) Yeah.
c) I don't laugh.

3. Have you ever tripped over a smooth sidewalk?
a) Once or twice.
b) If I'm not paying attention.
c) No. I never look up from the sidewalk.

4. ...While you were making eye contact with someone attractive?
a) No, I try not to be a dumbass.
b) Rather often, actually.
c) Eye contact?

5. What do your friends think of you?
a) That I'm a pretty cool person.
b) That I'm weird, but in a good way.
c) Friends?

6. Does your clothing match right now?
a) Of course.
b) Kind of.
c) My computer doesn't care, so why should I?

7. Do you go out on Friday and Saturday nights?
a) Almost always.
b) Sometimes.
c) No, the library closes at 5.

8. Can you do dialogue along with the Holy Grail?
a) The what?
b) Can and do.
c) I don't watch movies.

9. Who do you most closely identify with?
a) Kermit.
b) Gonzo.
c) Scooter.

10. How do you react if someone refers to you as 'strange'?
a) I'm a little insulted.
b) I take it as a compliment.
c) I ignore them and resume work.

11. Do you have a web page?
a) No.
b) Yes.
c) No, I have real work to do.

12. How do you react when you meet somebody's kids?
a) I pat them on the head and say hi.
b) We'll usually engage in an ugly-face contest.
c) I avoid children.

Mostly A's
Mostly B's
Mostly C's

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