Saturday, September 30, 2006

These are a few of my favorite...

Photos! These are some of my favorite photos from other artists on flickr. It's under my favorites. I love flickr. Love how clean it is. Love it. And that there's new stuff like every second.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Duke's Famous Hot Beefs, Abbotsford, WI

And here it is in color with no bowling. The pinsetters arrow is almost useless. No wonder the bowling part ran away. I'm tired.

Duke's Hot Beefs Abbotsford, WI 1991

I just uploaded a new color version of this old boy. It's hard to go back sometimes. You want your memories just the way they were.


Originally uploaded by FotoEdge.
Isn't this gorgeous! It isn't mine but I wish it was.

Highlights for Children

Originally uploaded by ctb59.
I stare at my contacts in flickr and love that they shoot signs or scan in Highlights magazine. I sure hope the Goofus and Gallant is a good one. It better be.

Flamingo Motel, Wisconsin Dells, WI

This is probably my top photo. It is nice I have to admit. The sky has some texture to it and the pink of the flamingo is really vibrant. No photoshop. Sometimes I wish I had captured other places as nicely as did this.

Diane Arbus

One of my top photo idols is Diane Arbus. Dee Anne is how her name is pronounced. There was just a show at the Walker in Minneapolis. On a rainy day I watched a film about Marvin Israel and then a movie that had her showing her slides and a student had recorded the sound. Hearing her talk was so freakin' cool. Man. Perfectly fitting - it was rainy and dark when I left. I walked around the sculpture garden and then the neighborhood around the Walker trying to digest the images and films.

Hello my name is....

Ok. hi, I'm Debora. I'm a photographer and graphic designer. I thought I'd stick my photos and writings in one space. I plan on writing fun and upbeat things. Mostly about photography - mainly mine but maybe my photo idols.