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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Collection of Stars 3.0

Another Mary Poppins story about stars is in the same book. In this story, Mary takes the children to a small and very dingy shop with old candy and faded decorations. They are there to buy gingerbread with a gilt paper star. The store's proprietress asks what the children do with the paper stars. The children give up their secret hiding places. They leave the store and see the store is no longer there (I won't bore you with how many times that has happened to me!) Later, much to the children's surprise, their stars are stolen and hung in the sky (see illustration). Jane asks, "Are the stars gold paper or is the gold paper stars?"

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Collection of Stars 2.0

Here's another story about stars. This illustration is from the book, "Mary Poppins". The story is called, "The Dancing Cow." It's a story about a red cow who lived a very respectable life and behaved like a perfect lady. She's spend her days teaching her calves how to moo and select the perfect dandelion. One night when "the stars looked like dandelions and the moon a great daisy," it happened. The cow couldn't stop dancing - all sorts of dances but could not sleep because she couldn't stop dancing. In the morning, her calf had to eat the dandelions alone because the red cow couldn't stop dancing. She decides to see the king and he notices a fallen star has caught on her horn. He tells her jumping over the moon is the only way to remove it. She does and returns to her normal life, but she can't stand it. She missed the dancing and the happy feeling it gave her. She figures if she keeps moving, she'll find another fallen star.

The trick is to be able to have both lives, the quiet part and the wild dances and not sacrifice either.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Lincoln head plastic Mold-A-Rama

Dear IL Lincoln Highway Association, I'll be traveling the Lincoln Highway today in search of one of these. Please do not disappoint me. Love, Debora

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Superdawg, Chicago, IL

Today, James and I grabbed a bite at Superdawg. It was GOOD! He had the Superdawg, I had a Supercheesie. Then it went from quiet to crazy crowded. I'm going back for night neon. And so Maurie and Flaurie can wink at me some more.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving, day 2

This is Debora's Thanksgiving. (thanks to Sex, Drugs and June Cleaver) Why didn't I bring more. Liquor, Prozac and Ativan???

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Collection of stars

Looking up at the glow in the dark stars I have in my bedroom - I realized that I have many starry things in my life. My Grandma gave me the book, "Goodnight Moon" it's by my bed. I didn't realize the illustrations showed the room slowly getting darker. I just knew the book would make me sleepy and I could fall asleep. I love that the stars in the book keep getting brighter as the room gets darker.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Heartthrob cafe, St Paul, MN

After spending two weeks of being in the sun, seeing new signs and new towns, it's hard to come home. I wrote about leaving and coming back. I forget how much I love to shoot up the neon - into my camera, my computer, my head. I am an addict. And I only want more. I love you neon and I have no idea why.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crystal Cafe, Raton, NM

Tonight, James and I are here, Raton, NM. I wanted to see how all the neon in town was doing. In 2007, I arrived around 9 pm so I didn't see the restaurant neon signs lit. James and I drove up and down the business route shooting stuff (me shooting, him driving) We're looking at restaurants trying to decide where to eat dinner. Restaurant one, the neon is beautiful but the decor looked bland. The next restaurant - no neon, so no way. The third place, the Crystal Cafe, has great neon and looks like it has character. First off, there's old photos all around - cool. And we can get a beer. The waitress explains that her boss' mom owned the Golden Rule in town. There's old ads and photos and she tells us that it's all still intact. She was so fun to talk to. I believe if you see the words homemade pie on the menu - by law you must have it for dessert. It was peach cobbler and very very good.

Monday, November 09, 2009

New Mexico Route 66

New Mexico poster
Originally uploaded by Debora Drower
Today, James and I are in Tucumcari, NM. We came in last night - and planned to stay one whole day. While I was shooting up a motel (ha ha), we bump into a guy who was forced to stay in Tucumcari because his car broke down and they can't get the parts for it.

We get up today and the sky is grey. Thick grey clouds. My one day of shooting is ruined. I love the blue New Mexico sky. James tells me to be patient - he'd keep saying, "I'm working on it." I'd look outside, grey but with some blue. By the time we get our shit together - the sky has is blue - not one cloud. It worked - he did it! We get in the car and the battery is dead. We get a jump from the lady at the hotel. But I worry what will happen when we stop the car. And what if the clouds come back. We drive up and down Route 66 to charge the battery. We stop at a gas station, turn off the car and the battery is dead again. Shit! No one has any jumper cables. I call the rental car company and ask them what to do. They ask can I drive to my end destination - that would be Denver when we fly out on Friday. And there's no Dollar Rental company in town. Then they give us the o.k. for us to buy a battery.

One really nice guy offers to drive us to the Car Quest for the battery. James has written down the car make and battery model number and the nice guy drives us back to our dead car. We thank him profusely. The battery, technically correct, did not fit. At all. Somehow, James manages to connect the battery at a hideous angle. We drive back to the Car Quest with the hood barely shut. It takes him three tries to find the right car battery that would fit. Luckily, I could get some shots in while James was being Mr Fixit. Finally two hours later, the battery fits, and works and the car starts. And life is good.

We resumed our tooling up and down Route 66 (and also on the main street in town.) We see the guy from last night, and I tell him all our car adventures. I hope he didn't put a curse on us. Actually, if we had this happen out in any of the past spots we've been it - it would've been a hellish nightmare. We made new friends, got to see all the signs and now the car is ready for the next part of our trip

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Dennis' Place for games - Belmont & Sheffield - Chicago

I had dinner with my cousins in Albuquerque and this sign came up. Kudos to whomever found this - and uploaded it. I didn't throw up laughing - but I could've. Only your family can make you laugh that hard.

Friday, October 30, 2009


1950 travel style
Originally uploaded by myvintagevogue
I really don't like getting ready for a trip. It's the fear of what will I forget. And then I start on with the what will I miss. My bed, my pillows, making my own coffee in the morning. I am a mess when I have to get ready for a trip. There's scattered piles of clothes and whatnot in every room. Then I feel I have to totally clean the whole house and do every project I've been putting off - raking or polishing the floor. Stupid stuff

Miss Lady has a nice worried expression. She's about to abandon her luggage and try to make it through her flight in that tiny waisted dress. I'll be more comfortably attired but as equally worried about my luggage and what oceans are between Minnesota and Phoenix. Shut up - I'm bad at geography.

Then I'm on the trip and I'm used to the new routine and all is well.
Then comes the end. I have to pack up all my dirty clothes and I don't want to go home. I'm used to hotel or gas station coffee and getting food by hunting and gathering (or going to weird places). I come home and it's not where I want to be even though I didn't want to leave in the first place.

But I'll get the itch again, I'll start dreaming of my next road trip and I won't remember any of the angst. Until the day before, among the piles.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Technicolor Yawn

I woke up at 5 am and and I am so tired. My world looks like a Sid and Marty Krofft show. The overbright colors and weird creatures. And nothing making sense. I've tried watching H.R. Pufnstuf as an adult and I just don't get it. It was easier to watch it in the 1970s. Was it because I was young or because it was the 1970s? I am not understanding any thing today. Not a thing.

If you received a coherent email from me today, it was an anomaly.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I love giving gifts. I really do. The best is when you get someone something that really want or need. I would love to buy a friend a birthday cake like this I don't know if they'd freak. Maybe it will just be a small but great cupcake.

One of my favorite gifts was to Caroline. We were out road tripping and I had an alarm clock with a white noise generator. I'd wake up and be so freakin' scared that Caroline was dead. She was out. OUT. I was holding up mirrors to see if she was breathing - that kind of shit. She'd wake up so happy that she slept so soundly. I found a similar clock and sent it to her - unbeknownst to me, her neighbor had begun well drilling or jack hammering and it was making Caroline crazy. The white noise clock arrives the jack hammer - gone. How did I know? I knew she totally dug it a month before while we toured rural Texas. And she still uses it.That's the best, if it's something you totally wanted, or needed. And not a waste of space.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mickey's Diner, St Paul, MN

Carrie, we need to go to Mickey's NOW. Get your quarters, and I'll bring mine because we need to get burgers, coffee and play Patsy Cline's "Crazy" until we break the juke box. I'll see you there.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Map with notes

Map with notes
Originally uploaded by Debora Drower
You know those old movie slates. As a director, you yell, “Action” and clap the slate. It shows what scene is being filmed and was used to sync up the sound and picture. I like to pretend I’m a big time movie director when out shooting. I do yell, “Please clear the shot” but no one ever does. I have dreams of moving annoying power lines or lampposts but my crew never seems to pull the right permits.

The picture is my old way of note taking when I’d go out shooting . At first, I didn’t write any notes – I knew I’d just remember. Ha! Then, I used this old map to record notes of signs shot, not shot, the time. Now with a digital camera, the date and time (no GPS for me) are embedded in the shot. Since I can just empty the camera disk, I have endless shots. So I started shooting the name of the town before I’d grab the sign. And after. I have fun trying to find the name of the town on a great sign. I have a whole laptop filled with images that are in one great big iPhoto event that just says “trip to Albuquerque” And no town names. I’m going back and separating them into each town. Luckily with Google maps, you can make sure that both you and cool motel sign know where it is.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Girl in a white fur coat

It's been a crappy day. I drove 1000 (seriously) miles this weekend. I am TIRED. It's sunny out again, and I'd really like to be out shooting the shit but I'm stuck in my windowless cubicle. I have a case of the mean reds (take that how you want) To make matters worse, a meeting was called at work. The meeting leader was constantly burping and talking about stupid stuff. My dear teacher, Echo, would sometimes tell us to wear a big protective white coat to ward off the bad vibes. Or evil spirits. I sat in this meeting, not only imagining a white coat, but there was white turtleneck, white fisherman's sweater, white gloves, plus the white fur (if you're a tree hugger - then yours can be fake) It kinda helped. A matching white Russian would really help.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ball of Confusion

Ball of Confusion
Originally uploaded by Thomas Hawk
That's me. Ball of confusion.

I have this great piece I'm writing in my head but I just can't make it work on paper. My house is an utter mess. Things are falling off of shelves, onto my feet and yet it gets messier. I decided to organize my movie collection, I put all the movies on the floor and then got bored and walked away. It's too hard to think. I'm not sure why I'm so foggy. I should find a good reason, a good person to blame this on.

All want to do is watch old SNL episodes or respond to Facebook chat Both are fun and silly but it's not getting the dishes done, or paying the bills or making lunch. It's nothing of any substance.

I'll probably flit away to check on my Facebook status, or email, or find a goofy picture of my Jesus ashtray. All at once.

What I need is a good grounding - either to my room with no toys or something to keep me from floating away.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I gotta little black...

Debora and James

"I gotta little black dress in my closet (closet)
Got a bag, got a toothbrush and a comb…"

It's dark and rainy and I'm singing Pink Floyd. I’m a bit down because James has gone camping and I do have a very cute little black dress in my closet. And in the photo. In a month, there’s an ice cream convention I must attend. In Phoenix. So there’s no big sweaters, no sweatpants I can hide under. Not in Phoenix.

Trying to find some diet and exercise inspiration, I was rereading Lyle McDonald’s Bodyopus pages where he was following a low carb diet and trying to get really cut. He became ketogenic guru of sorts (he hates being called that) and even wrote a book on it. His diaries were funny and well written. The Ketogenic book, while it’s a ton of knowledge, it’s not a ton of fun. It has none of his personality. It’s rather dry--it reads like a research journal.

I thought I’d go hard core low carb in the hopes of dropping a few lbs. I’m looking at those diaries again and I find out Lyle's written more books. I’m looking through the sample chapter of this one book the Rapid Fat Loss Diet. And it’s written like the Body Opus journals and I’m liking his style, dude. It’s an interesting diet using low fat protein and essential fatty acids. He also has some tips on some supplements. I am going to give it a try. I’m a bit apprehensive – long ago I followed a low fat diet (Snackwell's, anyone?) and it killed me. But I ate tons of sugary things (yes, like Snackwells – they were fat free you could eat the whole box – right??) But this looks interesting and I mostly eat low carb anyway. It’s just a minor adjustment.

I am so hoping that in a month, that little black dress will fit again. And I have a glowing letter to send to Lyle Mcdonald.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Red Owl in MN

I sell a photo of an old Red Owl spice tin I have. Many people have asked me if there are any Red Owl stores still around. I found online that they were bought out by SuperValu. And I assumed that all of the Red Owl stores are gone.

I'm driving around southern MN and I get the urge to head to Le Roy MN. It looks like it might be out of the way, but I go. I pull into town and I see the Red Owl store. The sign looks good - almost new. Could it be real?

Brownlow's Red Owl, LeRoy, MN

Apprehensively, I go in to the grocery store and see that the aisle signs are marked Brownlow's Red Owl.

Red Owl aisle sign, Brownlow's Red Owl, LeRoy, MN

I ask a clerk, (who is actually Kay the manager) is this a real Red Owl store? I expect the answer to be no but it is a real Red Owl. Kay shows me around the store and introduces me to her dad, Bob Brownlow, the owner. Her daughter is there. She shows me all the Red Owl products, signs, logos that she's collected over the years.

Red Owl ad and more, Brownlow's Red Owl, LeRoy, MN

I ask her how it worked since SuperValu owned Red Owl. She told me that they had actually taken down the sign worried that SuperValu would disapprove of them using it. They worked out a deal with SuperValu that lets them be a real Red Owl. In fact, if you call SuperValu asking where to find old Red Owl memorabilia - they'll direct you to Kay. In fact, if you've got any Red Owl branded items, send them to Brownlow's so they can add them their collection. Watch for the movie coming out, "A Serious Man," by the Cohen Brothers. One of the characters works in a Red Owl and many of Kay's items are in the film

Red Owl logo 1945, Brownlow's Red Owl, LeRoy, MN

You could spend hours there looking at how the logo changed, that Red Owl's Jello was just called Jel and the big watchful eyes of the owl back in the meat department.

Red Owl products, Brownlow's Red Owl, LeRoy, MN

Red Owl products, Brownlow's Red Owl, LeRoy, MN

I got a Brownlow's Red Owl t-shirt and I was proudly wearing it around. I was asked again if there are still Red Owl stores and instead of shrugging my shoulders, I told them to head south on Hwy 63 to Le Roy, MN and see one of the only two actual Red Owl stores still around. When you're there you can get your own t-shirt plus many other items with the Red Owl logo. You could even do your grocery shopping (they are a real grocery store) or just get a few things for a picnic.

They are up to date and have both a web site and they are on Facebook.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mister Mayo

Mister Mayo Jar 1970's
Originally uploaded by gregg_koenig
Yup, I am hanging out with Mr Mayo. His really name is Dr Locke who just gave a speech in Chicago about G.I. issues.

Waiting rooms are boring no matter how pretty they are.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

MN State Fair Sonnet - the unfair day 2

Last year, I was really desperate for other MN State fair items. I was researching how the fair looked when I first saw it in the late 1980s, which booths have changed or stayed the same. I took a trip over to the Minnesota History Center (I may know someone who was born in the parking lot there.) And they have a quite a treasure trove of books on the MN State Fair. I have the book, "Blue Ribbon," by Karal Ann Marling

and, "Minnesota State Fair: An Illustrated History,"
by Kathryn Strand Koutsky and Linda Koutsky

As well as, "Seed Queen," by Colleen Sheehy

and last but yeah least, "State Fair," by Susan Lambert Miller

Let me know if you need a hug or something to get you through until next year's MN State Fair.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

MN State Fair Sonnet - the unfair

I've been working on this photo for a few days. Finally - a good shot. I'd keep forgetting things like the rake or the cup holders. I have these items and just a few more to get me to next year's State Fair.

Monday, September 07, 2009

MN State Fair Sonnet - Day 12


Doesn’t everyone want a blue ribbon? Even for the best food court.

1st Award Winning Food Court, MN State Fair

I’ve submitted art to the State fair’s art show almost every year I’ve been in this state and only a handful of times have I ever gotten in.

Best neon sign, MN State Fair

I’ve never received a blue ribbon but it is an honor to have your work hanging for the teeming millions to admire. I don't always agree with the judges.

Blue ribbon corn, MN State Fair

I didn't realize that the crop art winner this year was from Zambia. I have a hard enough time making the deadline and I live down the street from the fair.

Blue ribbon crop art, MN State Fair

From the Pioneer Press:
The story of how 22-year-old Obrien Shipeka's creation got here is almost as interesting as the picture itself: It involves U.S. government outreach, a portrait of President Barack Obama and a Web site dedicated to crop art.

"He's never been in Minnesota, never been in the United States. It's definitely the best piece of crop art in here," said Ron Kelsey, head of crop art contests at the Fair. "The fact that someone would send seed art from Africa and have it arrive in excellent condition, that is somewhat of a surprise."

Shipeka, contacted via e-mail, said the girl in the picture — titled "African Girl" — is his little sister. He spent a month working with millet seeds, roasting them in a hot pan to get the right colors.

He's one of the first to use the technique so extensively, Kelsey said.

"I have been working with seeds to create art for the past five years, since my high school days, with the help of my school art teachers," Shipeka said. "At the moment, I have no formal job, but I spend most of my time creating art through seeds."

The journey of "African Girl" started in Shipeka's hometown of Ndola, the second-largest city in Zambia. His art teacher and mentor there, Danny Chiyesu, read a U.S. Embassy newsletter about cultural outreach and programs.

He sent an e-mail to Sara Stealy, deputy public affairs officer, and attached a seed art portrait of President Barack Obama crafted by Shipeka.

"I was curious — and a little wary! — as I opened the attached photo," Stealy recalled in an e-mail to the Pioneer Press. "A seed mosaic of the president? But the quality completely blew me away, and I asked if I could see the mosaic in person."

Chiyesu journeyed to Lusaka, the capital city, with the picture.

"It was even more interesting in person, and I knew I had to have it!" Stealy said. As is custom in Zambia, Chiyesu asked her to make an offer for the work.

She talked with local contacts about a fair price and did some online research. That led her to, a site run by perennial crop art competitor and Pioneer Press employee David Steinlicht.

"It's the magic of the World Wide Web," Steinlicht said. "Everything's out there; everything's available 24 hours a day."

At the site, Stealy saw that the Fair has an annual competition for crop art.

She told Chiyesu on Aug. 1 about the contest, assuming he'd have Shipeka send something in next year.

But Chiyesu's brother, who works at a printing house run by Franciscan friars in the capital, was able to send out "African Girl" by carrier service. The work made the mid-August entry deadline.

Chiyesu checked the Minnesota State Fair Web site for results frequently, but Internet service in Zambia can be spotty, so he didn't find out about Shipeka's win until Monday. Judges gave it the highest score of all 150 entries this year, based on artistic merit, craftsmanship and compliance with the rules. Entries are displayed in the Agriculture-Horticulture building on the Fairgrounds.

"My reaction when I found out about the Fair results was a shock. I hardly could believe it," Shipeka said.

He won $40 for best out-of-state entry and will get a plaque for taking the best-in-show ribbon.

It is fun to get recognition for your work whether it be art, baked goods, animals, crops or what have you. I guess even having the most popular fair food or product would get you a blue ribbon of sorts. I award my own best of show to the newest fair product, the winner - Go Girl. Now I can pee standing up (I have yet to try it.)

There were two outstanding food items the Pot Roast Sundae...

Pot Roast Sundae, MN State Fair

...and the Deep Fried Norwegian Banana Split.

Deep Fried Norwegian Banana Split, MN State Fair

Banana Split photo courtesy of Twin Cities Metromix. Thank you for for photographing all the new state fair food.

The fair is winding down and everyone has to pack up. You get the chance to sell your blue ribbon item or just savior the recognition. Every year, they show a kid with the prize winning animal, they’re auctioning it off and the kid is both happy and sad. It is bittersweet, the end of the fair, saying goodbye to your prized thing that you worked so hard on, and the end of summer.

Horse and ribbons, MN State Fair

One last thing I love to do is to watch the final talent show at the Grand stand. They show the cream of the crop (ha) you see them perform and then they announce the winners. You get to watch this all inside the grandstand - usually you have to have a ticket to be inside. It is the best place to watch the fireworks.

Final talent show, MN State Fair

There’s the last fireworks show...

Fireworks, MN State Fair

...the grand finale and you then go home.

Grand finale fireworks, MN State Fair

One time, I was at the fair on the last day – the day started out hot and muggy – very summer like. Then it started raining and by the time I got home it was fall. I had to make a fire and eat soup because it had changed to fall in just a few hours. I can see that the weather will do that later in the week – the first cold and rainy days of the season are just ahead. Tomorrow- how to get through the rest of the unfair.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

MN State Fair Sonnet - Day 11

I have never paid to see a big name performance at the State fair. I don’t see many concerts any more. I guess it’s never appealed to me because there is so many free concerts to see at the fair.

See Grandstand Show, MN State Fair

Pat and I missed out on some of animal barns because they closed early but we did see the rodeo at the coliseum. There were kids roping calves and also Tommie Turvey, the Equine Extremist,
“With his unique acts and his own show stopping style, Tommie Turvey is the most exciting and versatile equine entertainer in the industry. Featuring roman riding, bridle-less riding, and comedy antics that are the hottest and freshest entertainment around.
Tommie did some weird stuff, made out with the horse, he was under the horse doing unnatural things to it besides messing with the horse’s tail, and he crept under a box while the horse was on top of it. The horse was good sport while Tommie sat on the horse’s stomach and moved it’s legs around. I wish the horse had kicked the guy in the nuts. Seriously, the horse was funnier than Tommie. Watch him fall off a horse – here

James and I were researching who and what would be playing and we saw this band Alpensterne at the Leinie lodge. This is the blurb I read, "
"Alpensterne is a musically diversified group performing some of Germany’s most loved folk songs with the yodeling of Jim Strehlke. Jim mastered the art of yodeling from one of Germany’s finest, Sepp Diepolder. Alpensterne likes to involve the crowd by playing “name that tune” on the 15-foot Swiss Alphorn.”
Alpensterne at the Leinie Lodge, MN State Fair

They were pretty good. It was at the Leinie lodge, you need to drink one of Leinie’s “iced teas” as the lead singer was doing. Or as James is doing:

James and "iced tea" at  Leinie Lodge, MN State Fair

One funny moment – the band is playing Amazing Grace. It’s very solemn and sweet and suddenly the music stops. The singer interrupts the song to ask someone walking past the stage what they were eating. The person had a huge stack of some fried thing and yet, didn’t know or remember what it was. I’ve never seen obvious people watching from a performer. While on stage.

We saw Billy McLaughlin at the Heritage Square after dark. I had heard him play guitar for a quick second on tv and thought it might be a good concert. It was.

Paul Cebar at the Summit stage sounded really good but Pat and I were hunting down Nikki who had lost her cell phone. Luckily when we called “mom” on the lost cell phone – mom was with Nikki at the fair. They were so happy to get the cell phone back.

On the last night of the fair, I try to see the winners of the talent show. Then when it’s done, you get to see the last fireworks show inside from the grandstand seating. It’s all about talent – tomorrow.

MN State Fair Sonnet - Day 10


I’ve heard stories of city kids who had no idea where their food comes from. Pat told me about being in a vet class at U of M and a teacher told a story of a student raising her hand and asking, “Why do we have to kill animals when you can go to store and just buy meat?” I do know that all the cute animals at the fair might end up in my mouth.

What the hay! MN State Fair

I don’t get many chances to pet a sleepy Brown Swiss...

Sleepy cow, MN State Fair

...or hear a barn full of lycra dressed sheep

Lycra sheep, MN State Fair

...or see a bunch of chickens and roosters – some with crazy Tina Turner hair and some with hairy feet.

Chicken hair, MN State Fair

Hairy chicken feet, MN State fair

I don’t get how you get used to the smell of a pig barn. We liked that there were a bunch of pigs from one farm that had Vikings players and cheerleaders for their names. Is it payback for them signing on Brett Favre?

Pat the pig, MN State Fair

I've never seen a rat in a barn before - but one bored kid put a rubber one on a string and rigged it so he could drop it on unsuspecting victims. It was funny to watch.

Rat in barn, MN State Fair

Animals more on my level are at the Pet Center. We wanted to watch a dog do agility training but the trainer wanted to bore both the audience and the patient dog with explanations not demonstration. I hope that poor dog isn’t still sitting there waiting for the ball to be thrown.

Tomorrow I have a story about a comedy act that involved a horse and a guy and the horse was funnier than the human.