Friday, October 31, 2008

Sass in a devil costume

Sass devil costume
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I miss you old girl. You'd eat the pumpkin innards. Weird! I wonder if you were raised by hippies. You'd bark at the trick or treaters - yet you had to check out their costumes. Pat always hated the cape and thought it was dumb.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Social butterfly

Last Thursday, my dance card was full! Friends planned a trip to the Soap Factory's Haunted basement. It's really scary in many ways. There's a note from the Twin Cities Paranormal Society that says the place is "swarming with spirits." And it is. I can feel something powerful in that place. Combine that shit with a haunted basement - a haunted, dark moldy basement. It was good and scary. It's hard to focus on spirit activity while spooge clowns scream at you and spray you with water (I hope it was water.) Even scarier was driving with John to the restaurant. He hates city driving. I was talking him through his "bad trip." Ha! "You can do it John, just make a right turn, oh look a parking space." He was sweating he was so nervous. Poor guy. I learned to drive in Chicago - nothing scares me. We were all driving to the restaurant because James and I had to run to the Found Footage Festival. I had heard about the Found Footage Festival showing the same night at the Heights Theater - shown above. I wish they had close up pictures of all the little details at the Heights. There's an organ (that white thing up by the stage.) Usually someone is playing it as you walk in and when the movie starts - it magically lowers. You can stare at the cool chandeliers filled with colorful lights - I just dig that while you listen to the organ. The found footage was fucking hilarious. I might have to buy the DVD. James and I keep repeating lines we heard from it.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Aurora borealis rhinestones

Kramer Aurora Borealis Rhinestones & Crystals Brooch
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I went to Barb Stuart's memorial service last night. It was really cool seeing parts of her life I never knew. Her dear friends and Chris said such wonderful things about her and the short life she lead. The common thread among all the speakers was her laugh. She had a very recognizable laugh - deep, throaty. It came from deep inside her. And it was amazing that laugh because she was lung transplant survivor. She had this great inner glow and energy. I would see her at Ken's yearly birthday parties. She'd want me to photograph her and her transplant scars. I'd give her my card and hope she'd call but it never worked out. In my dreams last night, I was watching a video of her with James. In the video she smiled really wide and laughed that big booming throaty laugh and I woke up smiling.

I was reflecting on other friends and family who have died too young, Tom Hoffman, Mort Minkus, Amy Currier and how they too all had that glowing luminousness. A sparkle not like a diamond but a colored rhinestone. More fun, playful. An aurora borealis rhinestone.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

London day 1

James and I are in London. My mom declared, "I want to go out for dinner for my birthday, in London." Ok so here we are a day before her actual birthday. Last night, we were wandering around in Shepard's Market and saw this restaurant. It killed me. Polish Mexican. Bland dumplings and spicy food. How could they do it? And why? We had lunch there and it was adorable. They had made Mexican food for the Mexican embassy and when they hired a new cook - they asked her - can you do Mexican? Sure! But she was Polish and had lied. So they closed the place down for two weeks and taught her how to cook Mexican and I guess they added the stuff she knew how to cook. The cook spoke Polish because we said "Yakshemash"to her and she understood or pretended to. I had hoped for Polish and Mexican fusion but the owner, Ian, said all they did was fission - never the twain shall meet. We made our own fusion dish, James got the Pierogi and I had a spicy chicken salad. He had a Polish beer and I had a white wine from Chile (close) Great meal and great stories. Boring tourists sites of London don't even compare!

Friday, October 03, 2008


This is one of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes strips. It hangs on a bulletin board in my home office.

It's for Patrick who's in the midst of the grueling inventory. And not of any fun snacks. Flour type snacks and items. He works at some milling museum in Minneapolis.

Me - no snacks for 48 hours. I'm only having juice-I'm doing a cleanse.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Still Nobody Home

I got elastic bands keepin my shoes on.
Got those swollen hand blues.
I got thirteen channels of shit on the TV to choose from.
I've got electric light.
And I got second sight.
Got amazing powers of observation.
And that is how I know
When I try to get through
On the telephone to you
There'll be nobody home.

James is off camping. I was staring at the phone knowing he wouldn't call and starting humming this song. It's depressing but fitting. I miss you James.

I got wild staring eyes.
And I got a strong urge to fly.
But I got nowhere to fly to.
Ooooh, Babe when I pick up the phone

"Surprise, surprise, surprise..." (from Gomer Pyle show)
There's still nobody home.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


... IMG_2419
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James and I went to the Basilica of St Mary in Minneapolis today (just look at the site name. Impressive!)

to pick up an art piece that was displayed in a religious art show. Luckily it was still displayed right there in the main basilica area so I could take a picture for his portfolio. To go in through the Sacristy you need a guide. We're in the basilica and James jokes around with the guide since his piece was in an art show - does he get a Plenary Indulgence - (which can be gained four ways: confession, communion, prayers for the pope, or charity. ) I always think you get an actual something - a pretty gold plaque - like shown when you get an indulgence. In the middle ages, the abuse and buying of indulgences got way out of hand. "The most well-known and debated question is the indulgence granted for building the new St. Peter's Basilica in Rome."

So later today, I drove James to Scott's house for their annual camping trip. And then after that - I drove Rob to work because he has a DUI and can't drive. So do I get an indulgence for doing all these good works? I always think if you have to ask - then no plaque, no coin. It's from the goodness of your heart. I did get some of the trail mix that Scott and James take camping. And it is giving me plaque on my teeth.