Monday, September 22, 2008

Playing doctor

There is so much bullshit involved in seeing a doctor these days.

Playing doctor ala Norman Rockwell - waltzing in the cute old fashioned office without an appointment, seeing a compassionate doctor that listens to you, getting the right tests and you're cured. All in one day. Roll credits.

Or playing doctor these days. Having pain, waiting months for an appointment. Busy doctors that imply that you're wasting their time. The bullshit of getting referrals, and finding a clinic that takes your insurance.

Playing doctor - ha! Not if I have to go through all the bullshit. No thanks.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sprinkler toy

James and I were out yesterday buying him a planer he found on Craigslist. We're at this guy's house and he has all sorts of cool shit laying around - an old coffee can with a great logo, an old drill press and a little John Deere tractor thing. See the picture. It looks like kid's toy. I tell him my mom will buy weird antiques for my dad and the gift is making my dad guess what it is. The old tractor looks like a sprinkler. The dude tells me it is. It travels all over the yard on the hose. I am incredulous. No fucking way! I think maybe some antique store might have that. I love it. I have new grass seed and I'd love to see the little tractor drive around my yard and water the grass. I think I type John Deer sprinkler in the Google. Holy shit - they sell them at Ace Hardware. I call my local Ace and they have two kinds. I jump in the car. And there's a red Ace version and the John Deere tractor one. Tonight, James helped me set them both up and we watched them traverse my backyard and water the grass. The neighbors were equally excited. Kirk, the little neighbor boy, kept running from my front yard, to my back yard. He bet the red Ace one was faster. What do you know - red is always faster!

All from some dude on Craigslist. I didn't even know those things existed - until yesterday. What fun!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Apple Dumpling Gang

It is National Apple Dumpling day. Long long ago, when I was wee thing. The Wilmette movie theater - my neighborhood theater - advertised kiddie matinees. We had seen one good movie there and I was certain it was the Apple Dumpling Gang. Nope. When it started I remembered that the GOOD movie was HR Puffnstuff. Apple Dumpling was insipid. And we suffered through it. And I've always remembered since that day - it was the bad one.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chocolate, cheese and wine

wine lovers cake
Originally uploaded by tesorocookies.

I saw my therapist yesterday. She kills me - and I mean in a good way. She cracks me up. My current meds might be causing some stomach upset so we decided to change them. I have a friend on an MAOI type drug and there's alot of foods you can't eat while on an MAOI. I said to my therapist "Do not put me on an MAOI" and she said, "Oh honey, you NEED red wine, chocolate and cheese. I would never do that to you." Adorable. And a license to eat drink and be merry.

Doesn't that chocolate, cream cheese cake say it all. Maybe I'll send it to my therapist.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cut the dickens out of my finger

I was actually looking for Tim Meadows doing his Ladies Man sketch. Clips from the Ladies Man movie are around - but I want the SNL stuff. I found an SNL video library and the Julie Child clip still makes me laugh. It reminds me of watching bad Saturday night TV with Dana, from Love Boat, Fantasy Island and SNL. I can remember repeating this show over and over. And stupidly, last weekend, I did cut the dickens out of my finger and it still hurts. But only when I laugh.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Toys in the Attic

Toys in the Attic
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Which is a funny name for a song because at my parents house, I do have my whole collection of childhood toys - in the attic. It's a hideous mess. And some in the secret room,too. The lever to open the secret room door is well a secret and nearly impossible to find. This is not my picture - but a great shot of what it may look like. Or Toys in the Attic by Pink Floyd is a depressing song about being crazy

Toys in the attic, I am crazy.
Truly gone fishing.
They must have taken my marbles away.
(crazy. toys in the attic, he is crazy.)

Over the rainbow, I am crazy.
Bars in the window.
There must have been a door there in the wall.
For when I came in. . .
(crazy. over the rainbow, he is crazy.)

Sometimes you worry no one NO ONE is listening to you and everyone thinks you're crazy. If feels like you're wasting their time. Then one magical day, you finally find someone who listens. Really listens. And maybe there's an answer. Just because they listened. Then it's time to clean out the attic and maybe the basement as well.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Days go by

I yelled at the sky
Made an Indian cry

And the days go by

You are still a whisper on my lips
A feeling at my fingertips
That's pulling at my skin

You leave me when I'm at my worst
Feeling as if I've been cursed
Bitter cold within

Days go by and still I think of you
Days when I couldn't live my life without you
Days go by and still I think of you
Days when I couldn't live my life without you
Without you
Without you

Friday, September 05, 2008

Lawn Doctor

My lawn looks like crap. This was a long hot summer and I didn't water it. Oops! When I moved in, twelve years ago, the people who owned the house before me told me that they had tried seeding and putting in sod. And had no luck. I was told to get my soil tested at the University of MN. I've kept meaning to. Yes for twelve years. I had my back yard redone two years ago (because it looked like crap) and it's all dead again. At the State Fair there was a Master Gardener booth - stump the gardener with you questions. I tell them my lawn it crap and they tell me to get my soil tested. Geez, the soil lab is so hideously far from my house (three miles.) So I finally did it. I downloaded all the forms and went digging in the yard. And I paid for three tests - the standard, salts and lead. I joked with the lady that if my lawn was so terrible would they call, tell me to sit down and that my lawn was nearly dead and it was best to put it out of it's misery. And to asphalt the whole thing. I made her laugh. What if I do have the most diseased lawn and I do get the call? I hope it's Calvin who make the call and he'll have to get the saw. And the asphalt!

Thursday, September 04, 2008


I was driving past downtown St Paul and this song came on the radio. With the RNC in town, nearly every exit near downtown is closed. There've been angry protesters, urine throwing and cross dressing. Listen all y'all it's sabotage. By everyone.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Litter is a slap in America's face

Litter is a slap in America's face
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I was at the fair today. Yes, the now closed Minnesota State Fair. No food, no people, no rides. But I needed to shoot some stuff. And it was great - because one thing I wanted to shoot had some obstructions a few days ago - and now they're gone. No crowds to block the French Fry stand, or to block the shot at Steichen's. And a whole empty parking lot of these crazy garbage cans -all 4 flavors. This is my all time favorite. "A slap in America's face". So I reshot them with the digital camera. I filled up my cards, said my goodbyes to the fair and went home. It's really closed and I'll have to wait until next year. The garbage can is empty along with my heart. Good night fair.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Good bye State Fair

In usual fashion, the fair ends and autumn arrives. No lie. I have gone to the state fair on a sticky humid day and wanted only cold foods and then walked home in the rain while a cold front moves in and had soup for dinner. Yesterday, Labor day, it was the last day of the fair - sticky humid. Yucky. And today, the cold front and the rain has moved in. Weird. I am in withdrawal. No more mini donuts or cheese curds or neon midway rides.

Until next year.