Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Phil and Eleanor's Steakhouse

Steakhouse and trees I had been at an art fair in Wausau, WI. I wanted to take Hwy 8 back to the Twin Cities. We had this notion that we'd make it to St Croix by 6pm to visit a vineyard. Driving through Medford, WI, we saw this sign. Did I want to stop and shoot it? No. We found the little downtown and drove around. Cute. Leaving we could go left and continue or if we go right, I can shoot Phil and Eleanor's. It's not in the sun, but I could shoot it for reference. We go back and pull in. As if we've planned it - out of the restaurant comes the actual Phil and Eleanor. I tell them I love the sign and want to photograph it. James stays and chats with them. I get the shot above. When I come back- they've offered to give us a tour. You can see the whole set here. Eleanor shows off her original kitchen and give us a sample of some toasted bread they serve for an appetizer. We hear stories that she bought the place as a young girl. It had originally just been the bar tended by a crust old guy. She's been making the food by hand ever since. There are some big companies in town and they'll reserve the whole place so you gotta call ahead. You can see the menu and the gorgeous bar with sparkly blue bar stools. I have been pestering James that we gotta go back so we can eat there. And I want to print up all these pictures and bring them along. I worry we'll get snowed in - like in "Seven brides for Seven brothers" and wont be able to get back to Medford, WI. With the pass being blocked. I bet the food is great. And maybe we can get to the vineyard we never to.

Monday, September 03, 2007