Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Sad fish"

"Sad fish"
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Update: Karen, yet another Pisces, just got fired. Wow. Sad fish indeed. The old post follows below:

A few weeks ago, a dear friend, Chris, leaves me a voicemail. He’s all jokey and says, “Hi, I had a heart attack call me back!” Asshole! Why would he joke around like that? We take classes together and mostly I just punch him on the arm and tell him he’s retarded. We do joke around a lot. So I call back and his girlfriend, Lisa answers. She says she overheard him and he was a jerk for leaving that message. He was serious! He did have a heart attack. That fucker. He’s 43, in good shape but has a family history of heart problems. I get the story. He was having chest pain and Lisa (who can be tough) told him he could go to the hospital by car or ambulance. Those were the choices. They get to the hospital he is having a heart attack and one of his arteries was 60% blocked. He has a stent put in and he’s doing good.

I get shots and there’s this receptionist, Dee who is another dear friend. She’s one of my favorite reasons I go to the allergist (besides getting shots.) She turned 40 this March and I surprised her with a box of chocolates and some champagne. That was fun seeing the expression on her face when I surprised her. I go to get my shot a few weeks ago and she wasn’t there. A day off – they said. I just mentioned to her that I missed seeing her and she has another hospital story. She was feeling really exhausted and being in a doctor’s office she had her blood pressure checked – it’s really high. She feels really sick, goes to the hospital and she’s having a big diabetic reaction and nearly dies from it. Holy shit!

Both of these friends are Pisces. Weird! I, too am a Pisces. Makes me worry.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mr. Peanut

Mr. Peanut
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O.k. Mr Peanut, you are my only hope. I hope you are pointing the way to my last allergy test.

I didn't realize legumes were in so much stuff - like Vitamin E.

Is this it??

Friday, June 06, 2008

Bob Smiths Sports Club, Hudson, WI

Bob Smiths Sports Club, Hudson, WI
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Bob, I'm coming by after work. If you can pull down that big ass shot gun for me off the sign - I need it. Don't ask. And a single malt scotch - god, I hope you have some good stuff there. What sides come with those steaks? Fries? I'll need a double order.

I'll see you later, buddy.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

One bourbon, one scotch, one beer

One bourbon, one scotch, one beer
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I am starting this pretty hard core cleanse. No bourbon, no scotch and no beer for me. Not for a while. Friends think I'm crazy.

Maybe it will help.