Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Holiday Inn Star and a '64 Chrysler

From the movie, "Hunt for Red October"

Then I will live in Montana,
and I will marry
a round American woman
and raise rabbits,
and she will cook them for me,
and I will have a pickup truck...

or a...
possibly even
a recreational vehicle
and drive from state to state.

Do they let you do that?

In the book, "Sybil," a woman who had multiple personalities and was severely abused by her own mother, would pretend that she had a mother in Montana. She had never been there but had a rich fantasy that this "The Montana mother" was everything her own mother wasn't. The Montana mother was kind, affectionate and warm. She goes on at great length the differences between her fantasy and her real mother.

I've been thinking that I 'd like something like a Montana life. Where I am a sucessful, healthy artist and I live in a clean organized house. Not necessarily in Montana. I like the idea of the Montana mother or a fantasy Montana life. Kinda like Captain in Hunt for Red October and his fantasy about Montana. I just have to get there before I get shot down.

The picture above is of an old car with Montana plates.

I would like
to have seen Montana.

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