Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Romeo and Debora

I found this funny heart tattoo sign in Austin,TX. The street was named Jessie but through the magic of the Roadway font - it's my street and my house number. And a nod to Caroline who lives in Austin.

Last year, Pat and I watched, "Apocalypto" at a dollar theater on a cold night. We were both without valentines and thought a bloody movie about hearts being ripped out would be good right before bed time. And the nightmares we both had! Oy - Mel!

Is it more fun to be bitter and to curse your mail box?

Tangent - A few years ago, I was at the big, marbled Minneapolis post office. A guy was checking his post office box. The post office is a long, cavernous building. When he found out he had not one valentine, he started yelling, "And I didn't even get one FUCKING valentine!!" It echoed all over and while my day hadn't been that bad. I smiled and appreciated his exclamation. In Minnesota, there's no honking or yelling. It was a lovely sentiment on all fronts.

Or better to have a vase of pretty pink and red flowers and the promise of a steak dinner?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jucy Lucys and Maks

Jucy Lucy
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We took Maks to Matt's bar for one these bad boys. There is a fine art to eating a Jucy Lucy (yes, it's spelled like that.) You need to wait. Patiently - that's why the basket of fries. To kill time waiting for the burger and molten cheese to cool. We kept trying to warn Maks. He took too big a first bite and the cheese oozed out - all over his pants. Then he kept taking bites around the burger - making even more of a mess. Ah well.

Then we went to (sigh of resignation) Mall of America for some mini golf. He's a competitive little thing. He'd be so gleeful if he shot better than me or James. He'd exclaim - "You lost!!!!" And I'd think, no - I won. Because he was having a good time and laughing.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ratt Hair Party

Babysitting the other weekend, We were talking about hair. First, guys have to learn how to brush their girlfriend's hair on the chance they end up having a girl child.

Then the discussion turned to Sarah's hair. She hates to have it brushed and had it had gotten all ratty. Somehow it got all mixed up into rats having a party in her hair.

Luckily long ago the 80's hair band, Ratt, made this rat party video: