Monday, September 06, 2010

State Fair Day 12

X is a tough one. There is Pibb Xtra. Xantham gum - not gonna do it.

tasty creams #1
Y is for yogurt. James used to sell Annie's Frozen Yogurt at the fair. The booth is now long gone. The workers remain, we had a beer with them last night at Cafe Caribe.

Deep-Fried Tw-i-inkieeee's!
Z is for Zeppoles. I remember when the deep fried twinkies and candy bars came out. The lines were crazy and the product - not that great.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

State Fair Day 11

mission accomplished

V is for Vegie Fries. Sorry, never had them. Why not just have the deep fried cheese curds or anything else. There is one place that makes a big salad. I love that - hidden in the Ball Park.

W is for Walleye. You can get Walleye (and other fish) a few different ways at the fair. Watch my favorite WCCO news anchor, Don, Shelby go fishing at the fair.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

State Fair Day 10

scotch egg

S is for Scotch Egg. If you go to the original photo's page, a recipe for Scotch Eggs is there. I have one plain, with horseradish and maple syrup.

Tom Thumb Mini Donuts
T is for Tom Thumb Mini donuts. The only donuts I eat and only at the MN State Fair. And only by the Ye Old Mill. Look at that design!

I am really stuck on the letter "U." No udon, Ugli fruit or even the Uncola, 7-up (to make your tummy ache better) Booo!

State Fair Day 9

Q is for Quesadilla. I was looking at places at the fair that sell them. Besides Quesadilla Junction and Tejas you can also get them at French Meadow Bakery and O'Gara's. French or Irish quesadillas. Yah, for sure. I was about to post a link to the Tejas restaurant and just found out it closed.

Pot Roast Sundae, MN State Fair
R is for Roast Sundae. Ok, it's full name is the Pot Roast Sundae - a new food last year that I really loved. I didn't want to double up on root beer. There are a ton of root beer stands.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

State Fair Day 8

Oodles of Noodles

Oodles of noodles. Again, love the sign, never had the food. Maybe I should branch out?

Pronto Pup sign

P is for Pronto Pup. You can always get Pat to call out their old jingle, "Get yourself a Pronto Pup!" I'll do it if he's not there. P is also for Pizza - really bad thin pizza for James who grew up on 99 cent pizza. Our pizza came from the downtown Uno's. The original Uno's. I have very refined pizza tastes.