Saturday, September 05, 2009

MN State Fair Sonnet - Day 10


I’ve heard stories of city kids who had no idea where their food comes from. Pat told me about being in a vet class at U of M and a teacher told a story of a student raising her hand and asking, “Why do we have to kill animals when you can go to store and just buy meat?” I do know that all the cute animals at the fair might end up in my mouth.

What the hay! MN State Fair

I don’t get many chances to pet a sleepy Brown Swiss...

Sleepy cow, MN State Fair

...or hear a barn full of lycra dressed sheep

Lycra sheep, MN State Fair

...or see a bunch of chickens and roosters – some with crazy Tina Turner hair and some with hairy feet.

Chicken hair, MN State Fair

Hairy chicken feet, MN State fair

I don’t get how you get used to the smell of a pig barn. We liked that there were a bunch of pigs from one farm that had Vikings players and cheerleaders for their names. Is it payback for them signing on Brett Favre?

Pat the pig, MN State Fair

I've never seen a rat in a barn before - but one bored kid put a rubber one on a string and rigged it so he could drop it on unsuspecting victims. It was funny to watch.

Rat in barn, MN State Fair

Animals more on my level are at the Pet Center. We wanted to watch a dog do agility training but the trainer wanted to bore both the audience and the patient dog with explanations not demonstration. I hope that poor dog isn’t still sitting there waiting for the ball to be thrown.

Tomorrow I have a story about a comedy act that involved a horse and a guy and the horse was funnier than the human.

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