Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crystal Cafe, Raton, NM

Tonight, James and I are here, Raton, NM. I wanted to see how all the neon in town was doing. In 2007, I arrived around 9 pm so I didn't see the restaurant neon signs lit. James and I drove up and down the business route shooting stuff (me shooting, him driving) We're looking at restaurants trying to decide where to eat dinner. Restaurant one, the neon is beautiful but the decor looked bland. The next restaurant - no neon, so no way. The third place, the Crystal Cafe, has great neon and looks like it has character. First off, there's old photos all around - cool. And we can get a beer. The waitress explains that her boss' mom owned the Golden Rule in town. There's old ads and photos and she tells us that it's all still intact. She was so fun to talk to. I believe if you see the words homemade pie on the menu - by law you must have it for dessert. It was peach cobbler and very very good.

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