Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Map with notes

Map with notes
Originally uploaded by Debora Drower
You know those old movie slates. As a director, you yell, “Action” and clap the slate. It shows what scene is being filmed and was used to sync up the sound and picture. I like to pretend I’m a big time movie director when out shooting. I do yell, “Please clear the shot” but no one ever does. I have dreams of moving annoying power lines or lampposts but my crew never seems to pull the right permits.

The picture is my old way of note taking when I’d go out shooting . At first, I didn’t write any notes – I knew I’d just remember. Ha! Then, I used this old map to record notes of signs shot, not shot, the time. Now with a digital camera, the date and time (no GPS for me) are embedded in the shot. Since I can just empty the camera disk, I have endless shots. So I started shooting the name of the town before I’d grab the sign. And after. I have fun trying to find the name of the town on a great sign. I have a whole laptop filled with images that are in one great big iPhoto event that just says “trip to Albuquerque” And no town names. I’m going back and separating them into each town. Luckily with Google maps, you can make sure that both you and cool motel sign know where it is.

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