Saturday, September 05, 2009

MN State Fair Sonnet - Day 11

I have never paid to see a big name performance at the State fair. I don’t see many concerts any more. I guess it’s never appealed to me because there is so many free concerts to see at the fair.

See Grandstand Show, MN State Fair

Pat and I missed out on some of animal barns because they closed early but we did see the rodeo at the coliseum. There were kids roping calves and also Tommie Turvey, the Equine Extremist,
“With his unique acts and his own show stopping style, Tommie Turvey is the most exciting and versatile equine entertainer in the industry. Featuring roman riding, bridle-less riding, and comedy antics that are the hottest and freshest entertainment around.
Tommie did some weird stuff, made out with the horse, he was under the horse doing unnatural things to it besides messing with the horse’s tail, and he crept under a box while the horse was on top of it. The horse was good sport while Tommie sat on the horse’s stomach and moved it’s legs around. I wish the horse had kicked the guy in the nuts. Seriously, the horse was funnier than Tommie. Watch him fall off a horse – here

James and I were researching who and what would be playing and we saw this band Alpensterne at the Leinie lodge. This is the blurb I read, "
"Alpensterne is a musically diversified group performing some of Germany’s most loved folk songs with the yodeling of Jim Strehlke. Jim mastered the art of yodeling from one of Germany’s finest, Sepp Diepolder. Alpensterne likes to involve the crowd by playing “name that tune” on the 15-foot Swiss Alphorn.”
Alpensterne at the Leinie Lodge, MN State Fair

They were pretty good. It was at the Leinie lodge, you need to drink one of Leinie’s “iced teas” as the lead singer was doing. Or as James is doing:

James and "iced tea" at  Leinie Lodge, MN State Fair

One funny moment – the band is playing Amazing Grace. It’s very solemn and sweet and suddenly the music stops. The singer interrupts the song to ask someone walking past the stage what they were eating. The person had a huge stack of some fried thing and yet, didn’t know or remember what it was. I’ve never seen obvious people watching from a performer. While on stage.

We saw Billy McLaughlin at the Heritage Square after dark. I had heard him play guitar for a quick second on tv and thought it might be a good concert. It was.

Paul Cebar at the Summit stage sounded really good but Pat and I were hunting down Nikki who had lost her cell phone. Luckily when we called “mom” on the lost cell phone – mom was with Nikki at the fair. They were so happy to get the cell phone back.

On the last night of the fair, I try to see the winners of the talent show. Then when it’s done, you get to see the last fireworks show inside from the grandstand seating. It’s all about talent – tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

I am really glad you got to see Billy McLaughlin live - you can't truly appreciate the complexity of his music until you see how he actually performs it. He also has an amazing story to tell, one of passion, injury, and the most amazing re-training (this right-handed guitarist who already played a complicated technique, taught himself to be a left-handed guitarist instead!) I can ever imagine as a musician. I hope you can go see him again.