Thursday, October 01, 2009

I gotta little black...

Debora and James

"I gotta little black dress in my closet (closet)
Got a bag, got a toothbrush and a comb…"

It's dark and rainy and I'm singing Pink Floyd. I’m a bit down because James has gone camping and I do have a very cute little black dress in my closet. And in the photo. In a month, there’s an ice cream convention I must attend. In Phoenix. So there’s no big sweaters, no sweatpants I can hide under. Not in Phoenix.

Trying to find some diet and exercise inspiration, I was rereading Lyle McDonald’s Bodyopus pages where he was following a low carb diet and trying to get really cut. He became ketogenic guru of sorts (he hates being called that) and even wrote a book on it. His diaries were funny and well written. The Ketogenic book, while it’s a ton of knowledge, it’s not a ton of fun. It has none of his personality. It’s rather dry--it reads like a research journal.

I thought I’d go hard core low carb in the hopes of dropping a few lbs. I’m looking at those diaries again and I find out Lyle's written more books. I’m looking through the sample chapter of this one book the Rapid Fat Loss Diet. And it’s written like the Body Opus journals and I’m liking his style, dude. It’s an interesting diet using low fat protein and essential fatty acids. He also has some tips on some supplements. I am going to give it a try. I’m a bit apprehensive – long ago I followed a low fat diet (Snackwell's, anyone?) and it killed me. But I ate tons of sugary things (yes, like Snackwells – they were fat free you could eat the whole box – right??) But this looks interesting and I mostly eat low carb anyway. It’s just a minor adjustment.

I am so hoping that in a month, that little black dress will fit again. And I have a glowing letter to send to Lyle Mcdonald.

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