Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ball of Confusion

Ball of Confusion
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That's me. Ball of confusion.

I have this great piece I'm writing in my head but I just can't make it work on paper. My house is an utter mess. Things are falling off of shelves, onto my feet and yet it gets messier. I decided to organize my movie collection, I put all the movies on the floor and then got bored and walked away. It's too hard to think. I'm not sure why I'm so foggy. I should find a good reason, a good person to blame this on.

All want to do is watch old SNL episodes or respond to Facebook chat Both are fun and silly but it's not getting the dishes done, or paying the bills or making lunch. It's nothing of any substance.

I'll probably flit away to check on my Facebook status, or email, or find a goofy picture of my Jesus ashtray. All at once.

What I need is a good grounding - either to my room with no toys or something to keep me from floating away.

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