Monday, October 19, 2009

Girl in a white fur coat

It's been a crappy day. I drove 1000 (seriously) miles this weekend. I am TIRED. It's sunny out again, and I'd really like to be out shooting the shit but I'm stuck in my windowless cubicle. I have a case of the mean reds (take that how you want) To make matters worse, a meeting was called at work. The meeting leader was constantly burping and talking about stupid stuff. My dear teacher, Echo, would sometimes tell us to wear a big protective white coat to ward off the bad vibes. Or evil spirits. I sat in this meeting, not only imagining a white coat, but there was white turtleneck, white fisherman's sweater, white gloves, plus the white fur (if you're a tree hugger - then yours can be fake) It kinda helped. A matching white Russian would really help.

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