Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pasty rhymes with nasty and tearing off the knobs

Pat(my ex) just got back from Mackinac Island. It makes me sad to hear of Mackinac, of businesses like the Mustand Lounge and the Iroquois and I can't be there. I gave that up when I gave him up. He brought me back a Letho's Pasty from the wild U.P. I thought, should I save it, freeze it? Or why not just eat it now - just made today. It was good. It's not my picture of Lehto's. Thank the guy - here. It was good. And sad. Somewhere in my stack of film boxes are some U.P. signs I shot longy long ago. But the pasty was good. And me and my full tummy should have some dreams tonight.

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