Monday, October 09, 2006

Grandma's Hands

I go to an intuition class at the Center in Minneapolis. My teacher is the wonderful Echo Bodine. We practice using our intuition skills. Tonight before class, I put on my Grandma's wedding ring. It's gorgeous. She gave it to me right before I got married and I forgot she gave it to me. It totally left my mind. Then one day a few months later she asks about it. I'm sure she's gone round the bend. "What ring?" I'm angry - "What ring - you never gave me a ring." I call my mom and she doesn't remember Grandma giving me a ring. I would've showed it off. Then a few weeks later rooting though an old jewelry box - there's a gorgeous ring that so not mine. OH SHIT. I still don't really remember her giving it to me. Sad. I have some reason to visit her in Chicago. My family is crazy, paranoid and very psychic. I walk into her apartment and I'm about to say, "Your ring, look look, I found it!" and before I can say anything she says something like, "Yeah yeah you found the ring." So tonight during the meditation Echo says, "There's some spirits here." and you could feel how electric it was. They kept coming in from some staircase. And suddenly, there is my grandma -right there and she held my hands. I could honestly feel her cool soft hands. The tears poured out of my eyes because my grandma was right there. And Uncle Mort, Amy, Todd, Aunt Marlene and Pat's mom, Pat. It was so cool. So cool. I showed the ring to my teacher at break. Weird and yet that was the reason. I still have it on.

Driving home I was proud to resist Echo's brownies. I wish she'd open a bakery. She makes the yummiest treats. So to resist them is akin to winning a Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously. They looked great. We ate all weekend at Mayslacks, Moscow on the Hill and at James' parent's house. I had the thought - red wine. I have a two bottles of Grgich Old Vines. A favorite of my Uncle Mort's. So I cracked one open and raised a toast to the relatives that came to my class and held my hand. Haven't felt her hands in a long long time.

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