Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fairy Godmother

On the way to see the movie "Sweetland" I stopped the the store
Fairy Godmother at 38th and Grand in Minneapolis. I thought I'd only stay a few minutes and get to the Edina theater for the 4:40 show. She offers me some tea and cookies. There is cute stuff all over the place. I see a book, The book of answers. I ask my daily question - should I stay with him. The answer is something like do it early. Then the owner, an actual fairy godmother in a tiger gown (a sign - I was wearing my tiger hat) comes over.

She says, "What did you ask?"

I repeat what I said and I open the book again. This time it's something really postive. Ok, today I'll keep him I think. I ask her, does she really do fairy godmother work, you know like grant wishes.

"What do you need?"

I tell her about my boyfriend moving 100 miles away and how I feel like I've been abandoned. But he's working in a homeless shelter so I'm conflicted. And when I feel needy he pulls away from me and then it doesn't help. I just want to see him but he doesn't want to see me.

She asks if he love me, if I love him, would I move to where he is. And I'm crying like a baby.

"Have you thought of seeing someone like a marriage counselor?"

Yes, I have and me and the man have discussed it but there are a billion names in the phone book. Who would I pick. Of course the fairy godmother has a name. And gives it to me.

I stuff my teary kleenexes in my coat pocket and pay for a cute pop up card, The hard back version of the book of answers and some Florida water. That is one warm and gentle place. Later, the story of the movie.

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