Thursday, October 12, 2006

Edward Hopper

Isn't this great! Edward Hopper on a spare rib day. My mom would always make spareribs on blustery, cold shitty days. Edward Hopper's work is what those days feel and look like. Bleak and lonely. Patrick would say, "But I like spareribs." He sorta got it. It's cold and blustery, lonely and windy today. I'm not a fan of spareribs. I'll have a bite but it's a big disappointment - not enough meat too much bone. Not very filling. Too lonely of a meal. From wikipedia,"Hopper depicts it in the same sense of forlorn solitude that permeates his portrayal of city life. Here too, Hopper's work exploits vast empty spaces, represented by a lonely gas station astride an empty country road and the sharp contrast between the natural light of the sky, moderated by the lush forest, and glaring artificial light coming from inside the gas station."

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