Monday, August 31, 2009

MN State Fair Sonnet - Day 6

Food Art

Some people think way the Sweet Martha’s cookies are stacked in the paper cone, or the Jengaesque, pixie stix stack of French fries are works of art but that’s minor league.

Two of my favorite exhibits are things made with food. The crop art is the best. I have to make my self see the whole Hort Ag building before I allow myself the crop art. I will miss the queen herself, Lillian Colton, the grand champion of all crop art who died in 2007. She’d sit a folding table paitently glueing tiny seeds.
Shown are some 2008 political themed crop art entries.

Crop art Norm, MN State Fair

Crop art elephant, MN State Fair

Next on my list, are the butter heads at the Dairy Building. Princess Kay of the Milky Way; Minnesota's state dairy princess, gets her likeness carved in an 90 lb hunk of butter. The picture shown is of the sculptress and the Princess in the cooler. Linda Christensen has been carving the same heads (they all look the same to me minus the hair) for 38 years. The other booths in the dairy building pale in comparison but what they hey, I’ll add another Fleet Farm key ring to my collection.

Sculpting butter head at MN State Fair

The most bogus of all food exhibits is in the Bee Exhibit. I was reading the rules here; making a gift basket with assorted items made with honey.

Honey basket blue ribbon

Or a collection of honey pots or collectibles:

Honey pots

Or should we call it shit I bought at the store or a garage sale. I call no way. Only a few of the entries are actual items people craft instead of buying.

No matter what the skill or bogus level, I love them all.

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