Thursday, August 27, 2009

MN State Fair Sonnet - Day 1

State Fair Shadow Box
Originally uploaded by Debora Drower
I love the MN State fair because it’s like going to another world. A world of never ending happiness, you can always see the sun day day day or night night… oh wait. It does seem like you leave your world behind when you enter the state fair. The very first time I went, I was with a cynical friend who wanted me to hate it along with him. And I tried, but I couldn’t. I loved and love the State fair. All of it. Now I attend the fair with like minded friends who love it along with me. I’m going to write sonnet to fair every day to prove my love. And I'm going to dig up more photos of the fair. This is a shadow box I show at art fairs of all my fave things at the fair.

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