Saturday, August 29, 2009

MN State Fair Sonnet - Day 3

State Fair fantasy

This year’s crop (ha!) of new foods doesn’t look all that great. It’s all things done with potatoes – a Pot Roast Sundae; a scoop of mashed potatoes, roast beef, gravy, corn, and cherry tomato. Fry Dogs; a French fry covered, deep fried hot dog on-a-stick and a Tornado Potato; a spiral cut potato on-a-stick. Bogus!

Last year, it was a bacon fest, maple bacon, chocolate dipped bacon. Oh good, I loved them both so much, I ordered them multiple times. I can remember the year Pork chop on a stick débuted and the deep fried candy bar (which you have to get fresh and hot or forget it) and then the deep fried twinkie. Since you can go online and read about the new foods, I make up my own list of what and where and bring it with me. Like a shopping list.

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