Monday, August 31, 2009

MN State Fair Sonnet - Day 5

Bee ride at MN State Fair

MN State fair rides

I get seasick really easily, so I don’t go on many rides. I am a big fan of the Ferris wheel and the new freak show and uh um not much else. But I do love them. I love the neon and the loud music and the crowd. I walk the whole length of the midway admiring all the craziness. One year, I wanted to shoot all the neon in the midway, so went home, waiting until dark and brought my camera. I was apprehensive being alone at the fair with a big expensive camera. Somehow being behind the lens of my camera protected me, and I wasn’t really there, I was documenting but not really there – I’ve heard other photographers talk about that same feeling of not really being there if you have a camera.

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Unknown said...

I REALLY like the night shot of the midway neon - that is really cool!