Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ruined birthdays

It seems no matter how hard I try, I have more shitty birthdays than good ones. On my very first birthday, it was the only and last time both sides of the family were invited. They were yelling shit at my parents stuff like, "You only love them, not us." It ended in some huge fight. One classic ruined birthday, only one girl showed up. I didn't realize I was the black sheep of my sixth grade class. That one sucked the big one. The year before that, the ceiling fell down in our family room right before my party.

I've had boyfriends freak out, boyfriends admit they want to move away, a divorce, dead friends, and getting lost on the way to a comedy club and then just driving around. Only a few I can remember when Dana, my best friend at my side, making me laugh so hard that juice came out of my nose.

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robyn said...

I feel the pain, ever since I can remember I've had the most miserable birthdays ever!!! For instance, today I turned 32 and instead of having a fabulous time, I'm blogging about my sucky life!!! Today, I received nothing from my husband, not even a card. To make matters worse, he basically told me what he truly thinks of my seven year old son. Ironically, although I've never had a happy birthday I keep holding on to the hope that this will be the year!! Oh well, maybe next year, if i'm still around.