Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday

It is my birthday today. I didn't grow up in the Twin Cities. But I have friends that did. They'd sing me the sweet Casey Jones Happy Birthday song every birthday (I've been sung it this morning by Pat and by Casey.) And they'd reminisce of watching Lunch with Casey while eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and having some Hostess treat for dessert. (That sounds really good.)

At a St Paul Saints game a few years ago. They announced that the actual Casey would come to the field on a real train. Freight trains run right behind the field and often blow their whistles during a game. There were these people behind us in the stands. Really cool and aloof. Nothing was impressing them. Until Casey, leaning out of the train engine rolled up to the Saint's baseball field and disembarked. These punks totally lost their cool. "It's CASEY, oh god it's really Casey. Hi Casey, Hi Casey!!!" It was ok, everyone around me regressed and nearly wet their pants in excitement. And he sang the Birthday song. It's almost like it was my lunch time song too. I found a Real Player clip (scroll or do a find for Casey) and it takes a bit but he does sing the Happy Birthday song. It makes my day. My birthday. Yay.

Happy happy birthday
to every girl and boy.
Hope this very special day
brings you lots of joy.

Hope this birthday presents
you get from Mom and Dad
will make this very special day
the best you ever had

Happy Birthday!

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