Sunday, March 11, 2007

Peter's Grill, Minneapolis, MN

Peter's Grill, Minneapolis, MN
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Long ago, Caroline took me to lunch at Peter's when it was in the Foshay. I fell in love with the place. It moved to this spot but somehow they moved all the signs, booths, counters. I don't know how. There's this cool art deco back lit sign by the grill I just love.

I had a cool intuition moment when I went to pick up some slides at Procolor. I knew the slides would have to be redone. And they did. Before I even went to Procolor, I knew I'd have to have lunch at Peter's. It all worked out perfect. I was told at Procolor to come back in a few hours. I parked by the Walker, walked through the conservatory to the allergist. Got my shot, then sat at the counter and felt very big city enjoying a chef salad. I should've tossed my tam into the air on Nicollet. "She's gonna make it after all...."

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