Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Flava Flav

Long ago, a good friend, Caroline, and I were out somewhere. Perhaps a Perkins. Maybe it was the time we were certain the old lady in the booth near us just went to the bathroom to pull on the soap dispenser and let the soap hit the counter. It sounded so good, I did it. I went and pulled the on the soap dispenser lever and just let it drip on the counter. We were talking, discussing Public Enemy. We had forgot Flava Flav's name. I don't know how. I had the rhythm of it. Popsy Pop or Fudgy Fudge. Then it got obsessive. What was his name? The guy with the clock in Public Enemy. This was long before the Internet. I told Caroline that it would come to me in 5am. Could I call her? She said yes. That night I did wake up and it came slowly Flava...Flava...Flava Flav!! Oh god,that's it! I reached for the phone but knew she'd probably kill me. I would've. I waited until a more respectable hour and just shouted, "Flava Flav!" She laughed.

Then I found out his birthday and mine are March 16th. Wack!

So on my birthday, I come home to find an odd message on the voicemail. I don't recognize the number but it's from Austin, TX. I can make out Public Enemy loudly in the backround and someone shouting, "Happy Birthday." I listened to the message a few times and thought it might be Caroline. Then later, I found out I was right!!! She was at a SXSW Public Enemy concert wishing me a and Flav a Happy Birthday.

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