Monday, February 05, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane - not yet

I had hoped to be taking off to visit a friend in San Francisco. I was checking in on Spec's Twelve Adler Museum Bar where I was taken to zillions of years ago. I will always be in gratitude for a bad date and finding a great bar. And it is my all time favorite bar. In the world. Honestly. I was planning on taking Route 66 there and maybe the Lincoln Highway back. And then the plans changed (which is why I didn't get a plane ticket to begin with.)

If I could do that route alone, I'd be the one to drive through the snow and the mountains. And I'd have new memories to replace the old. It would be only me. My old memories seem to do me no good.

I was hoping on that on Valentine's Day that I'd take a bunch of gumball machine rings and throw them out the window somewhere along I-80 and never look back. Maybe I'll still go.

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