Monday, January 08, 2007

Playing with my heart

Going to MCAD, I was in film 101. Usually you took your camera to a coffee shop. Shot your friends being assholes and then you played a Cure song to go along with it. Or as one girl did, shoot some totally out of focus shit and hand in the raw footage you just picked up from the camera store. The teacher was raving how cool it was as she told her friend sitting next to me, she didn't know how to focus the camera.

To be different, I had my dear friend, Ken, create some original music for my piece. We shot it out in Chaska in some abandoned creepy hospital. It was about 30˚ and I froze my ass off. Ken remembered some of the cool shots.
Lately, Ken was bugging me to dig it up. I realized at some point I had it transferred to 3/4 tape. I don't know when. It was synced up with his sound and everything. I was scared to watch it - would it be great or a piece of shit. I think it's even better than I remember. I am really proud of it. Dearest Ken has a 3/4 deck and he did the transfer to digital. He even had the soundtrack in his collection. I'm glad he kicked my ass to find it and I kicked his ass to digitize it. Yeah, team!

And watch his tribute to Sean Connery. I love it.

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