Friday, January 05, 2007

Houston, do you read me?

Apollo liquors superette

No reentering ship has ever
taken longer than three
minutes to emerge from blackout.
This is the critical moment.

Will the heat shield hold?
Will the command module
survive the intense
heat of reentry?
If it doesn't,
there'll only be silence.

Flight, that's three minutes.

We are standing by for acquisition.

Copy that.

Odyssey, Houston.
Do you read me?
Odyssey, this is Houston.
Do you read?

Expected time of reacquisition,
the time when the astronauts...
were expected to come out of blackout,
has come and gone.
But all any of us can do now
is just listen and hope.
We're about to learn whether or
not that heat shield,
which was damaged, as you remember,
by the explosion three days ago,
has withstood the inferno of reentry.

Odyssey,this is Houston.
Do you read me?
Do you read me?

Three minutes, 30 seconds.
Standing by.

Do you read?
Odyssey,this is Houston.
Do you read me?

That's four minutes,
and standing by.

Odyssey, uh, Houston.
Do you read?

Hello, Houston.
This is Odyssey.
It's good to see ya again.

Welcome home.
We're glad to see ya.

From the movie, Apollo 13

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