Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Eve's Bayou

In the movie, Eve’s Bayou, Eve’s psychic aunt has a premonition
(I kept seeing you and someone by the sink.)
About some children dying near their house.
(It haunted me ever since you told me you were leaving.)
Eve and her sister and not allow to go out of the house for fear of death.
(I was so scared and angry.)
She and her sister are getting cagey.
(Is it just paranoia or would it really happen?)
A few days later, there’s a car crash and
I think some kids die or are hurt in the wreck.
(That kiss by the sink.)
Eve and her sister are ecstatic.
(And then all that anger and worry floated away)
They run outside and start dancing around.
Finally, the premonition came true.

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