Thursday, November 30, 2006

Egg and Toast

When I was little, a treat my mom would make would be fried eggs on toast. She'd usually make this if she and my father were going out to dinner. So I have bittersweet memories of egg and toast. I'd get the yummy runny eggs and crisp toast but this came with the fact that my parents were going out for the evening. My mom would scurry around the kitchen in her out to dinner clothes and smelling of perfume. I was out walking today in the 15ยบ sunny cold. I was walking by the aptly named Hidden Falls. I found this gorgeous path by the river. Walking back to my car I was thinking what I wanted for lunch. Egg and toast. A sunny meal to celebrate a sunny day.

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Todd Franklin said...

This was always a comfort food for me growing up. It sounds good now!