Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wee Bit of Scotch

My dear friend, Dave, was about to go off to basic training, then become a JAG. He's no spring chicken and I've been a bit scared and worried. I have to - I'm jewish. He calls tonight and I'm shocked to see his name on my caller ID. He tells me at the very last minute there was some snafu about meds he took once, but not taking now but still on his record. What a pisser! He may be able to go in January. He was calling me from an outdoor cafe somewhere in San Francisco having a latte and a cigar.

I told him of my busy day and some communication issues I had. My intuition was all off. I went to get an oil change and there were tons of cars waiting. Fuck. I was using logic, not intuition. At 1 pm there shouldn'tve been any cars but for some fucking reason the stupid Saturn was packed. And it's been going like that all day. If I'd listened to my intuition I wouldn't wasted so much time.

I promised Dave I'd have some Scotch in his honor. And in a bit I will to end this crazy day. If I had some 25 year old Macallan - I'd drink it. I'll have to make do with some cheaper stuff. I hope both of our days are better ones.

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