Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I have lots of Chuckwagon-y stuff in my life. Long long ago there was a commercial for Chuck Wagon dog food. The little chuck wagon would disappear into the cabinet. The little cowboys on the chuckwagon were shouting something like,"Ya ya chuckwagon, chuckwagon." If I see something named or that looks like a chuckwagon. Umm let's just say it's best to just stay away from me until I can get it out of my head. Ya ya chuck wagon.

There's a photo on flickr of a great Chuckwagon restaurant. That's what got me on this track.

Last week, I was in the Chicago area. I picked up my sister at O'hare and asked her if she was hungry. I was hoping she'd want to go to her old haunt The Wilmette Chuckwagon. And long ago me and the man of my dreams went to yet another Chuckwagon restaurant out in Brooklyn Center, MN that he remembered from his childhood. It's not a tiny hamburger joint like the Wilmette, but the wagon wheel decor rocked. I know, they're all over I have a picture of one in New Mexico. Again Ya ya chuck wagon.

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