Friday, September 04, 2009

MN State Fair Sonnet - Day 9

Signs and graphic elements
Everyone knows how much I dig nearly any kind of sign or roadside attraction. I already posted two photos that are a compilations of my favorite neon fair signs. There are other graphic elements and signs around the fair that you might not notice.

In 1966, Fairchild the gopher became the official mascot of the State. Fairchild (a play on the institution’s title) got his name after a state-wide naming contest. It is also a tribute to Henry S. Fairchild, the man who suggested the Ramsey County Poor Farm become the permanent site of the State Fair

Fairchild the MN State Fair Mascot

There's this hidden gem. Steichen's. It’s a cute little store hidden off the main drag and just covered in signs.

Steichen's MN State Fair

One of the world’s greatest fair signs promotes itself. I can’t speak for the product, but the sign rocks day and night. And spins.

World's Greatest Fries sign, MN State Fair

Those Pronto Pup arrows (but not the stands) are sadly long gone and also some recording that used to tell you to "Get yourself a Pronto Pup"

Pronto Pup sign

Some of the buildings have some interesting elements inside and out – like the chickens on the poultry building:

Chicken motif detail poultry barn, MN State fair

the L’etoile du Nord the MN State seal:

L'etoile du Nord on Hort Ag building, MN State Fair

And a wheat motif on the Horticulture building:

Hort Ag Building detail, MN State Fair

I am a big fan of the big wooden, art deco letters in the Horticulture building. The sign for crop art is art in itself.

Crop art room, MN State Fair

These garbage cans are getting more and more scarce. I found these in the parking lot across from the fair.

Litter is a slap in America's face

Use the bean keep it clean

Stash your trash right here

I don’t know why but the arrows in the Creative Arts building remind me of Grandma’s basement shuffle board game. This way to the egress.

Exit sign arrows, Creative Arts Building, MN State Fair

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