Monday, March 09, 2009

Epic records time

record clock
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I go to the doctor alot. Alot. And I love being able to see the test results, lab results. Whatever. Whenever I want. I want to Google the weird medical words. And two of my clinics have this ability. Fairview and Health Partners. I can email these clinics. I usually send them the newest jokes and funny Youtube videos. Or tell them that I'm having drug interactions. The computer system that allows the patients to see their records is called Epic. The U of M does not have the Epic records (see the connection) system. Today, having a drug interaction, I had to make an old fashioned phone call. Wait on hold to talk to a nurse. No email, no links to drug studies showing the various side effects. On hold. I bet she was wearing one of those white caps. It's time U of M. Time for Epic records.

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