Wednesday, March 11, 2009


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I had this really cool idea.

I saw a production of the Wizard of Oz done by kids. The writer of this play must've been hitting the sauce - because instead of the Cowardly Lion getting a medal of bravery - he got a bottle of courage. A bottle of courage. Nice. How do you put that around your neck - like Angelina Jolie and her vial of Billy blood? My local liquor stores has lovely bottles of courage - all kind all prices - but I'm cutting down on liquid courage because it might be eating up my stomach. I was driving out to bumbletown last night for some emergency car repairs - my car door wouldn't stay closed, then when I got to the dealership, I had to crawl out the passenger door. Stuck at the dealership, I had some time to think. I wished I had some courage. Should I go to my therapist and get some of that Abilify I see on TV. A booster to your antidepressants. I take enough meds. Then, I had this image of an old fashioned pharmacy counter. And a kindly pharmacist. In his hands, there were the meds I needed. Courage, mental courage. Or just a positive thought. My stomach was hurting from the idea of emergency car repairs (and the bill the guy showed me) so on that counter I put some Pepto Bismol. And I remembered that old Pepto Bismol commercial that showed that pink crap coating your whole stomach. There I just had some mental Pepto. Wait, I want my cholesterol numbers to come down faster - so on that virtual counter, I took a boost of my statin drug. I've had such a hard time imaging my body healing. And then I found this free online pharmacy. Online in my head.

Now for some expensive moisturizer!

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