Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Birthday fun

Birthday breakfast
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I am part of this great organization called Hour Dollars. It's a service exchange or barter program. I love it. Read about it here.We were in the home and garden show over the weekend. I was talking to this guy telling him I get massages from someone in Hour Dollars. He told me he knew Sister Rosalind - she's a nun who does and teaches massage. She even drags her massage chair to our local minor league baseball stadium, home of the St Paul Saints. Her style of massage is like S and M - seriously. She's this tiny German woman, but she can make the biggest men cry in pain because she does such deep tissue massage. I love her but all I'll take from her is a hug. So how this guy got to know Sister Rosalind, was his sister told him to come to Minnesota and take Sister Rosalind's massage course.His sister told him it would only take 4-6 months. He said the course actually took a year and half. He was indignant, how dare his sister lie just to get him to come to MN. You can't lie to siblings after age 10 he said. I laughed. I told him my sister and I had this ongoing game. My grandma would send us a check for our birthdays. The amounts were always the same for each kid. But! What was fun to call up my sister and tell her that grandma gave me $50 - when in fact it was only $25. Pretty much we just double the amounts. She'd do a double take - maybe even a spit take and laugh. But I'd always get her. And she would get me back. This year was the best. I told her grandma gave me $100. And she believed it. Grandma's been gone for 9 years. I still got her! Lesson for that guy, yes, your siblings lie. Even me!

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