Friday, March 06, 2009

Easy Bake Oven

easy bake daffodils
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"Nothing Says Lovin' Like Something From the Oven!'

I was shoved in an oven today. Ok - not like Hansel and Gretl but an MRI machine looks like an oven. And stupidly, I always say to the nurse something like "Nothing Says Lovin' Like being shoved in an oven!" No one gets it. Then I get to spend about a half hour with my head inside the MRI. They can play music while you're inside but it's almost worthless unless the music is techno - because that's what it sounds like inside. Dunk dunk dunk dadadada daaa daaa. I was in the disco machine laughing at my own joke about being shoved in an oven and I thought of actual Easy Bake Ovens. I so wish that was my photo and my oven. As a child, I wanted one so badly. The sugar addict in me wanted to have a tiny personal private midnight bakery. Mom said no fucking way. Pretty much just like that. I could bake downstairs, in a real oven, with her supervision and nagging that chubby kids shouldn't eat so much. Besides it wouldn't make Hostess products. Or Little Debbie's. Or bad cheap grocery store birthday cake. So what's the point.

It was a fun thought to get me through disco oven techno hell.

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