Sunday, October 26, 2008

Social butterfly

Last Thursday, my dance card was full! Friends planned a trip to the Soap Factory's Haunted basement. It's really scary in many ways. There's a note from the Twin Cities Paranormal Society that says the place is "swarming with spirits." And it is. I can feel something powerful in that place. Combine that shit with a haunted basement - a haunted, dark moldy basement. It was good and scary. It's hard to focus on spirit activity while spooge clowns scream at you and spray you with water (I hope it was water.) Even scarier was driving with John to the restaurant. He hates city driving. I was talking him through his "bad trip." Ha! "You can do it John, just make a right turn, oh look a parking space." He was sweating he was so nervous. Poor guy. I learned to drive in Chicago - nothing scares me. We were all driving to the restaurant because James and I had to run to the Found Footage Festival. I had heard about the Found Footage Festival showing the same night at the Heights Theater - shown above. I wish they had close up pictures of all the little details at the Heights. There's an organ (that white thing up by the stage.) Usually someone is playing it as you walk in and when the movie starts - it magically lowers. You can stare at the cool chandeliers filled with colorful lights - I just dig that while you listen to the organ. The found footage was fucking hilarious. I might have to buy the DVD. James and I keep repeating lines we heard from it.

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