Thursday, October 23, 2008

Aurora borealis rhinestones

Kramer Aurora Borealis Rhinestones & Crystals Brooch
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I went to Barb Stuart's memorial service last night. It was really cool seeing parts of her life I never knew. Her dear friends and Chris said such wonderful things about her and the short life she lead. The common thread among all the speakers was her laugh. She had a very recognizable laugh - deep, throaty. It came from deep inside her. And it was amazing that laugh because she was lung transplant survivor. She had this great inner glow and energy. I would see her at Ken's yearly birthday parties. She'd want me to photograph her and her transplant scars. I'd give her my card and hope she'd call but it never worked out. In my dreams last night, I was watching a video of her with James. In the video she smiled really wide and laughed that big booming throaty laugh and I woke up smiling.

I was reflecting on other friends and family who have died too young, Tom Hoffman, Mort Minkus, Amy Currier and how they too all had that glowing luminousness. A sparkle not like a diamond but a colored rhinestone. More fun, playful. An aurora borealis rhinestone.

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