Tuesday, October 14, 2008

London day 1

James and I are in London. My mom declared, "I want to go out for dinner for my birthday, in London." Ok so here we are a day before her actual birthday. Last night, we were wandering around in Shepard's Market and saw this restaurant. It killed me. Polish Mexican. Bland dumplings and spicy food. How could they do it? And why? We had lunch there and it was adorable. They had made Mexican food for the Mexican embassy and when they hired a new cook - they asked her - can you do Mexican? Sure! But she was Polish and had lied. So they closed the place down for two weeks and taught her how to cook Mexican and I guess they added the stuff she knew how to cook. The cook spoke Polish because we said "Yakshemash"to her and she understood or pretended to. I had hoped for Polish and Mexican fusion but the owner, Ian, said all they did was fission - never the twain shall meet. We made our own fusion dish, James got the Pierogi and I had a spicy chicken salad. He had a Polish beer and I had a white wine from Chile (close) Great meal and great stories. Boring tourists sites of London don't even compare!

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