Wednesday, October 01, 2008


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James and I went to the Basilica of St Mary in Minneapolis today (just look at the site name. Impressive!)

to pick up an art piece that was displayed in a religious art show. Luckily it was still displayed right there in the main basilica area so I could take a picture for his portfolio. To go in through the Sacristy you need a guide. We're in the basilica and James jokes around with the guide since his piece was in an art show - does he get a Plenary Indulgence - (which can be gained four ways: confession, communion, prayers for the pope, or charity. ) I always think you get an actual something - a pretty gold plaque - like shown when you get an indulgence. In the middle ages, the abuse and buying of indulgences got way out of hand. "The most well-known and debated question is the indulgence granted for building the new St. Peter's Basilica in Rome."

So later today, I drove James to Scott's house for their annual camping trip. And then after that - I drove Rob to work because he has a DUI and can't drive. So do I get an indulgence for doing all these good works? I always think if you have to ask - then no plaque, no coin. It's from the goodness of your heart. I did get some of the trail mix that Scott and James take camping. And it is giving me plaque on my teeth.

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